Blessed Sorrow

In this sermon we look at the third beatitude that Luke records for us which is “Blessed are those who weep now for you shall laugh”. We consider some ungodly forms of sorrow and then also some godly forms of sorrow as seen in the Scripture.

Christ Alone!

This week we look at the fourth “Sola” in our study which is Christ Alone. Two primary parts to this central truth of the Christian faith are the exclusive identity of Jesus, and secondly the sufficient work of Jesus. We look at these two, even if briefly, in this sermon…

The Testing of God’s Son (part 1)

This is a message from Luke’s Gospel. We see that after Jesus is baptized and affirmed by the Father and the Spirit as the Messiah and beloved son, he is then led into the wilderness for testing. In this sermon we look at the first two tests that Luke records for us in the the Read more about The Testing of God’s Son (part 1)[…]

The Lineage of Christ

As we continue in the Gospel of Luke we come to the detailed lineage of Christ, tracing his family line through David and the Patriarchs right back to Adam. And a few fascinating indications show an important distinction Luke makes from Matthews account.

The Voice in the Wilderness (part 2)

In this message we finish looking at the essence of John’s message he proclaimed as he prepared the way for Christ. He warned the people of Israel not to look to a family lineage, he warned of coming judgement and through it all he exalted Christ and remained Christ centred in all that he did Read more about The Voice in the Wilderness (part 2)[…]

Ep 14 – Kevin’s Story of Darkness to Light

A story of God’s redeeming grace in the life of a dear friend and teaching in the faith, Kevin Malcolm. Join us in this episode and hear a tremendous story of how God delivers Kevin from a world of darkness and pain and begins an amazing work of transformation and newness of life! Here is Read more about Ep 14 – Kevin’s Story of Darkness to Light[…]

Ep 8 “What about Israel” (part 2)

Aaron Hale finishes preaching through Romans chapter 11.  In this text we get a glimpse into God’s glorious design in opening the door of salvation to the gentiles and closing it, by and large, to the Jews for a season.  As Paul warns the Gentiles against boasting in their new found position in the tree Read more about Ep 8 “What about Israel” (part 2)[…]