Christ: The Firstborn From The Dead

This is a sermon preached on Resurrection Sunday 2018. We explore the question, “What is unique about the resurrection of Jesus?” Starting in 1 Corinthians 15 and then also looking at Acts and other teachings from the apostles of Jesus.

Blessed Persecution

In this message we look at the last beatitude as recorded by Luke. Suffering seems meaningless to our natural mind, but Jesus teaches that is it a mark of His disciples and that it is actually a part of living a truly blessed life before God.

ep 10 “Comparing notes with Dr. Martin Lloyd Jones”

Today I came across this fascinating lecture from Dr. Martin Lloyd Jones and I was so struck by some of the similarities with what he was saying and defending with that of pastor Bruce Freeman whom I spoke with last week. So I could not help but post this audio file from the MLJ Trust Read more about ep 10 “Comparing notes with Dr. Martin Lloyd Jones”[…]