September 21, 2015


Every week (or as often as we can), Mike and Aaron will be planning to post a podcast for you to check out.  We will cover a variety of issues regarding the Christian faith, post some sermons to consider, and also seek to help you who are new to Christianity understand what the Gospel of Jesus Christ is.  You can also subscribe on iTunes or stitcher  and receive automatic updates to our podcast.





Episode 1 “Welcome!”

Episode 2 “The Depth of The Fall” a sermon by Aaron Hale

Episode 3 “Common Responses to the Gospel”

Episode 4 “Seeing Christ as the New Adam”

Episode 5 “looking at motivation/ Free Speech Apocalypse/ Thanks to Kevin!”

Episode 6 “Stop Riding a Dead Horse!”

Episode 7 “What about Isreal?” (part 1)

Episode 8 “What about Israel” (part 2)

Episode 9 “A conversation with a beloved friend and teacher”

Episode 10 “Comparing Notes with Dr. Martin Lloyd Jones”

Episode 11 “A conversation with a beloved friend and teacher” (part 2)

Episode 12 “The Main Role of the Holy Spirit” by Pastor Ben Lane

Episode 13 “The Gospel of God” by Dr. Martin Lloyd Jones

Episode 14 “Kevin’s Story”

Episode 15 “Kevin’s Story” (part 2)

Episode 16 “On the Road!”

Episode 17 “Charge from Pastor Ben”


Episode 18 “The Message of the Bible” by Martin Lloyd Jones

Episode 19 “Humanity is Crowned Over Creation”

Episode 20 “Manhood by God’s Design”

Episode 21 “Manhood by God’s Design (part 2)


Episode 22 “Womanhood By God’s Design”


Episode 23 “Marriage By God’s Design” – part 1


Episode 24 “The Devastating Fall of Humanity”

Episode 25 “The Gracious Judge Seeks Sinners”

Episode 26 “The Serpents Curse”

Episode 27 “Crushing the Serpent”

Episdoe 28 “Our Glorious Hope”