December 1, 2015



While we do seek to do evangelism under the authority of our home churches (Fairview Cornerstone Baptist and Coram Deo Baptist Church), we do cover a lot of our own expenses such as tracts, equipment, fuel, and time off work. Therefore, if you you would like to support us in seeking to proclaim the gospel of the Kingdom we would very much appreciate it.  All donations will go directly to helping fund material (tracts, booklets, bibles) and equipment used in evangelism.  While all Christians are called to be involved in making disciples of all nations, it does not mean that all are involved in the same way.  For some it is serving “on the field” and for others it may mean enabling those labours through support and prayers.  Both are ways in which we can be a part of disciple making and so, know that any support is a partnering with us in the proclamation of the gospel and is a form of partaking in Kingdom work.


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