What Did Christ Accomplish on the Cross?

As we move through the doctrines of grace we come to the “L” in the TULIP acronym. The L stands for “Limited atonement” and so we look at in what sense the atonement is limited. While it is unlimited in it’s sufficiency, we do see that there is a definite group of people that Jesus Read more about What Did Christ Accomplish on the Cross?[…]

Opponents Objections and Judgement by MLJ

This is a sermon by Martin Lloyd Jones from the MLJ trust. In it, Lloyd Jones reminds us that the gospel is an offensive message and calls us to stand as good soldiers of Christ and to faithfully preach salvation in no other name but Jesus.

Christ: The Firstborn From The Dead

This is a sermon preached on Resurrection Sunday 2018. We explore the question, “What is unique about the resurrection of Jesus?” Starting in 1 Corinthians 15 and then also looking at Acts and other teachings from the apostles of Jesus.

A Word of Woe!

As we continue working through the Sermon on The Mount, we come to a unique passage in Luke where he records the “Woes” of Jesus. Listen in as we seek to understand what Jesus is warning about… Luke 6:24-26