The New Has Come!

In this sermon we continue to look at Jesus response to the question regarding his disregard for the religious customs of his day. Through some fascinating illustration, Jesus points out that he did not come to conform to the traditions of man, but rather he came to replace them and to fulfil the law and Read more about The New Has Come![…]

Jesus Friend of Sinners

In this message we are continuing our study in Luke’s Gospel account. In Luke 5:27-32 we have the amazing account of the call and conversion of Levi who is another name for the disciple Mathew. We see the stunning grace of God as Jesus calls this man from a place of known sin. We see Read more about Jesus Friend of Sinners[…]

Grace Alone!

As we continue in our study of the “Five Solas” of the reformation, which we believe are rooted in the Scripture, we come to “Grace Alone” and see how the grace of God is an amazing work of the triune God, the Father, the Son and Spirit.

The Testing of God’s Son (part 1)

This is a message from Luke’s Gospel. We see that after Jesus is baptized and affirmed by the Father and the Spirit as the Messiah and beloved son, he is then led into the wilderness for testing. In this sermon we look at the first two tests that Luke records for us in the the Read more about The Testing of God’s Son (part 1)[…]

Kevin’s Story of Darkness to Light (part 2)

In this second part of my conversation with Kevin Malcolm, we talk about music in the Christian’s life. As a musician Kevin shares some about the tension he feels as one who loves rock music and who grew up listening to and playing classic/heavy rock and now as follower of Jesus Christ who desires to Read more about Kevin’s Story of Darkness to Light (part 2)[…]

Ep 13 “The Gospel of God” by Dr. Martin Lloyd Jones

A sermon preached by Dr. Martin Lloyd Jones looking at “The Gospel of God”.  I was tremendously blessed by this sermon and found it very helpful in thinking through what the gospel is.  Paul states in Romans 1:16 that he is not ashamed of the gospel because it is the power of God!  Therefore, it Read more about Ep 13 “The Gospel of God” by Dr. Martin Lloyd Jones[…]

ep 10 “Comparing notes with Dr. Martin Lloyd Jones”

Today I came across this fascinating lecture from Dr. Martin Lloyd Jones and I was so struck by some of the similarities with what he was saying and defending with that of pastor Bruce Freeman whom I spoke with last week. So I could not help but post this audio file from the MLJ Trust Read more about ep 10 “Comparing notes with Dr. Martin Lloyd Jones”[…]

Episode 9 “A conversation with a beloved friend and teacher”

In this special episode we kick off the new year with a beloved friend and teacher, pastor Bruce Freeman. With multiple decades of experience and perspective we invite you to join in on a recent conversation with pastor Bruce as we hear what it was like growing up through the depression and also war, and Read more about Episode 9 “A conversation with a beloved friend and teacher”[…]

Christmas Market Or Vanity Fair?

               For those of you who are not familiar with the allegory “Pilgrims Progress” written by John Bunyan you need to do two things; first of all, repent and secondly read it!  For it never ceases to amaze me at how many times I will find myself in a circumstance that takes me back to Read more about Christmas Market Or Vanity Fair?[…]