#26 “The Serpents Curse”

In this sermon, preached at Fairview Cornerstone, we look at God’s curse upon the serpent. We see that there is a physical creature who is cursed, we also see another being at work through the serpent, namely the devil, and we see the glorious gospel proclamation of one who would come through the woman to Read more about #26 “The Serpents Curse”[…]

#24 “The Devastating Fall of Humanity”

After looking at the tactic of Satan in tempting Adam and Eve we see this week the three phases of the fall. Through their disobedience to God’s command, Adam and Eve cast the human race into a state of spiritual death and our only hope is the New Adam, Jesus Christ who offers us resurrection Read more about #24 “The Devastating Fall of Humanity”[…]

#23 “Marriage By God’s Design” (part one)

As we approach the end of Genesis chapter 2 we see God institute the beautiful covenant of marriage between one man and one woman.  While we see such distortions in our day, it is important that we understand these foundational passages where God himself establish the good design of marriage.  In this message we will Read more about #23 “Marriage By God’s Design” (part one)[…]

Manhood by God’s Design (part 2)

In this sermon we look at some of the distinctions God established in Genesis between man and woman. While man and woman are both made in the image of God and therefore worthy of respect and equal in dignity and worth and value, as image bearers, we also see that God established unique roles in Read more about Manhood by God’s Design (part 2)[…]

Ep 12 “The Main Role of the Holy Spirit”

In this episode hear as Pastor Ben, of Coram Deo baptist church, preaches on the “Main Role of the Holy Spirit”.  In a day when there is so much confusion about who the Holy Spirit is and what He does, I trust this message will help cut through all of the voices with the timeless Read more about Ep 12 “The Main Role of the Holy Spirit”[…]

Episode 11 “Conversation with a Dear Friend and Teacher” (part 2)

Here it is!  The second part of my conversation with Pastor Bruce Freeman that I had on New Years Eve.  Join in as Bruce deals with various issues that this generation needs to think through and be aware of.  As a pastor of over 30 years, Pastor Bruce gives insight and wisdom on a variety Read more about Episode 11 “Conversation with a Dear Friend and Teacher” (part 2)[…]

Episode 9 “A conversation with a beloved friend and teacher”

In this special episode we kick off the new year with a beloved friend and teacher, pastor Bruce Freeman. With multiple decades of experience and perspective we invite you to join in on a recent conversation with pastor Bruce as we hear what it was like growing up through the depression and also war, and Read more about Episode 9 “A conversation with a beloved friend and teacher”[…]