Kevin’s Story of Darkness to Light (part 2)

In this second part of my conversation with Kevin Malcolm, we talk about music in the Christian’s life. As a musician Kevin shares some about the tension he feels as one who loves rock music and who grew up listening to and playing classic/heavy rock and now as follower of Jesus Christ who desires to do all to the glory of God alone. Tune in and be encouraged whether you are also a musician seeking to find balance with this tension, or as one who also needs encouragement in doing all to the glory of God, or perhaps you are just curious about how following Jesus brings change in a persons life and are looking for some real evidence that people actually change! Kevin has graciously allowed us to use his music and I am continually blessed by his passion to make much of Christ, whether playing his guitar or reading the scriptures to his children!

Here is a link to Kevin’s available music…


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