What About Israel? (Part 1)

In this sermon by Aaron Hale we will look at God’s plan in dealing with the nation of Israel.  Clearly, Paul did not give up on the nation of Israel as a lost nation without any hope for redemption, but rather tells us that God has brought a season of hardening upon Israel so that the fullness of the gentiles might come to salvation.  However, this is not a grounds for us to boast in our salvation, but rather we should be humble and realize that it is all attributed to God’s grace and kindness and is a display of His manifold wisdom.  Likewise, we should continue to lift up Israel in prayer that they might see Christ, not only as the Saviour of the nations, but the Saviour of the Jews as well.  Truly, we live in strange and uncertain times.  Now more than ever, we need to understand that God is Sovereign and He is painting a beautiful picture of redemption in which we are caught up.   May we praise Him and thank Him for pouring out His kindness on a rebellious and hard hearted people.


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