Why We Can’t Kill Kaleb

Why We Can’t Kill Kaleb

As many ultrasound 1know we have three beautiful boys and are expecting our fourth boy in November.  We chose the name Kaleb Donavan Hale after finding out he is a boy according to our ultrasound at 20 weeks.  While we were traveling to the North West Territories we received a phone call from our doctor’s office notifying us that the measurements of our son’s neck are slightly larger than what is considered normal, a condition known as a nuchal fold, which is one of the indicators that the baby may have Down syndrome.

Along with the news was a lot of pressure to get further DNA testing done, which we explained was not very likely as we had just crossed the border to the NWT!  As we tried to understand the urgency of such testing, it became clearer to us that not only was the window for such testing small, but we also were in the window for a simpler opportunity to have the child aborted (AKA- murdered).  We made it clear that while we appreciated being informed, we had no interest in pursuing an abortion, and carried on with our travels.

We had another ultra sound done which once again confirmed a larger than normal neck (nuchal fold) measurement and so the possibility of having a son with an extra chromosome 21 remains.  Obviously, as such news enters our life we begin to research the disorder and learn what we can about it.  Of all the things I have learned, nothing has broken my heart more than reading that around 90% of babies diagnosed with DS are aborted.  Consequently, I have felt utterly compelled to share a bit about our journey to this point and hopefully encourage others with similar news to not kill their child, but to rejoice that God has entrusted us with a precious life.

In a prayerful attempt to encourage others and also be a voice to these precious little children I have decided to start writing some reasons why we can’t kill Kaleb.  Is this a hot topic?  Absolutely!  Am I the most qualified person to talk about genetic disorder?  Absolutely not!  Is Facebook the right place to post this?  I dunno.  However, I believe that God has clearly revealed his heart on the matter in His word and so I simply appeal to the Holy Scriptures, the very revelation we will all answer to.

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom; all who practice it have a good understanding.  His praise endures forever!” Psalms 111:10


So here is the first reason…

  1. Kaleb is an image bearer of God

As we read the Genesis account of creation it is amazing to note that as Moses is writing he describes the creation of all the plants and animals and then follows each one with, “after their kind” (Gen. 1:11;24).  But then when we read verse 26, something profound happens.  God says, “Let us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness…”.  A marked changed in the creation narrative.  Therefore, we see humans as set apart from the rest of living things in that they are made not simply after their own kind, but after the very likeness of our creator, of God himself.

Perhaps you have heard of the sanctity of life, or God’s stamp upon mankind, well this is where it comes from and God has plainly revealed it to us so that we don’t have to question if it is wrong to kill another human.  While there are volumes written on the subject, I will simply add at this point that while sin did corrupt mankind it did not erase this reality.  For God would command that anyone who takes the life of another be put to death on this very ground (Gen. 9:6) and this is stated after the fall.  As Ligon Duncan says, “The image of God upon mankind was effaced, but it was not erased”.

Our son first belongs to God, for he too bears the image of his creator.  Our son is precious, and valued because he is not simply made after the likeness of Aaron and Christine Hale, but he is being formed after the likeness of God.  And so I plead with you if you receive such news, defend the precious life entrusted to you.  Far better to offend a medical system (for which I am thankful for in so many ways), than the God of the universe.


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