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In a world that is saturated with various resources and courses that promise change and true reform in one’s life, it is hard to know which ones to actually give your time and energy too. Truly, we cannot commit to them all for that would be to spread ourselves so thin that in the end we profit nothing. Likewise, it is often a challenge to know which resources are creditable, for we we all know that there are plenty of fakes out there. So here we want to take a moment to point you to a tool that has been used throughout the ages and especially in the times of the reformation when the church of Jesus Christ was delivered from the clutches of the Roman Catholic Church. Its an old word called catechism, and it comes from the Greek word which simply means “to teach orally or to teach by spoken word”. The reformers used it faithfully in teaching their children the essential doctrines of the faith in the form of questions and answers. The longer catechism’s were used for the adults and the shorter for the children. Even for myself, I have found going through them with my boys extremely beneficial and I too am learning things about the glorious doctrines of our great salvation through Jesus Christ. So without further to do, here is a link to one that we use at our church and it is based of the The Heidelberg Catechism of 1563 and Westminster Shorter and Larger Catechisms of 1648, two that are renowned for their faithfulness to the Word of God. It is called “New City Catechism” and you can enjoy hearing from various well known teachers and pastors as they expound on the questions being looked at. May God use this to deepen your knowledge of Him and as a result cause you to burn brighter and fix your feet firmly upon the rock of His salvation.



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