2 thoughts on “The Depth Of The Fall

  • Hey Aaron Steve here. Kevin told me to check out your web site looks great. One minor problem from a man of little tec capability. How are you? Do I save the podcasts to my iDevice.
    You have a great web site here hope it all goes well. Will have to chat with you one of these days. God bless Steve

    • Hey Steve! Good to here from you. We definitely need to chat soon, Lord willing we can make it back that way this spring/summer sometime as we miss you all a lot. I think the simplest way to follow is if you search the podcast in itunes (or click the link under the “podcast” menu) and then subscribe to the podcast through itunes. That way it will let you know when any new episodes are posted and you can either download it through itunes or just stream it with your wifi… ya I am limited with my tech skills too so that’s about as much help as I can offer! God bless you brother

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